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High heels are an experience for women. Today, heels have come to represent many things for many women like beauty, sexuality, sophistication, empowerment, maturity, style, and professionalism. This documentary film explores this dynamic and examines the subtle yet popular accessory both men and women take for granted. An in-depth look into the historical significance of the high-heeled shoe will parallel an in-depth look at the health factors that come with wearing them. As a conversational piece, the symbolism, evolution, and lifestyle trend of the high heel are expressed by shoe designers, stylists, dancers, models, fashion bloggers, influencers, doctors, and everyday women.


Adelin Gasana - Director

Rwandan-American independent documentary filmmaker, Adelin Gasana fell in love with the genre halfway through high school and began producing documentaries since his freshman year in college. For the past decade his professional experience in the TV and film industries afforded him the talent and ability to work in all aspects of production from concept to completion--directing, writing, researching, logging, producing, shooting, editing, and marketing. Most of the documentary film projects he has worked on from concept to completion have focused on current social, political, historical and cultural issues. The film topics range from the Cuban Diaspora of Miami, black megachurches, feminism, Existentialism, high heels, and how history is taught. Gasana has also worked in broadcast news, music videos, reality television, promotional videos, infomercials, concert/performance shows, commercial shoots and professional videography. Avid traveler, fervent reader, sports enthusiast, and news junkie, Gasana currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Lola Kayode - Producer

Lola Kayode, a New York native, is a content producer with a passion for telling funny stories. With over 10 years of experience working in network programming, television, and film, she has written and produced documentaries, music videos, and short films.
Lola is a Co-Founder of Sisters Creating Content, Inc, a nonprofit that educates and supports minority women with their original content. The renowned Sundance and Cannes Film Festival have screened two short films that she produced. Lola has several independent projects at different stages of development. High heel shoes are one of her favorite fashion accessories!

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Producer, Lola Kay & Director, Adelin Gasana
Screening at Peter Street Station with Tiffany Brown of Young Belle Project
Director & Producer with Shoe Entrepreneur, Robin Wood
Q&A with Tiffany Brown
Q&A with GSU student Moderator, Rachel Allen

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